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3D Maps: A Literal Reveolution

Lately technology has progressed so much that we have so many facilities at hand. Our ancestors and even our parents spent almost all their lives stuck to 2D. The concept of 3D was very vague and it was as if everyone had taken for granted that while they view everything in 3D, they can’t watch TV and cinema in three dimensions. However, we are on the brink of revolution where 3D is getting mo9re popular than ever. Since we have finally come up with techniques and skills that are required for 3D projection we can now use it to manipulate and reorganize many things. Apart from the 3D tvs that you have been hearing about, one other very interesting use of 3D is 3D Maps.

Many search engines that used to provide you maps are now enabling you to use 3D Maps. The very idea is intriguing and anybody who had problems reading those turny twisty maps will have this problem no more. With search engines allowing you to switch to 3D Maps, your life is made a whole lot easier. You do not have to go to the market and get software that lets you view maps in 3D and neither do you have to bother about ensuring that the software is according to your area and your country specific. You can simply go to a search engine using your computer, smart phone or your tablet and then view the 3D Maps.

There are some things that you need to know about 3D Maps. When you switch to 3D Maps your engine will display new controls and features that will enable you to work better and use the 3D Maps to your advantage. So what are these new controls? The first thing is the navigation controls. These navigation controls will now have preset links that will allow you to view the 3D Maps from three different viewpoints. This is rather obvious since you now have three dimensions at your disposal. Just so that the user would know this allows you a top down view so that you get a better idea what is happening and you can also view your maps from two other points like the oblique side and the horizontal view.  In the search engines, the navigation control is situated in the lower corner, on the left that will allow you to see all the local and international maps in 3D.

The browser will also have a status text at its bottom. What this status text can do is that it will allow you to display the latitude and the longitude. This allows you to get the exact location correct to the nearest degree. It will also display the altitude of the area when you move the cursor to the position.  This is indeed a great idea and is going to revolutionize the viewing of maps. This is really good news for people who are into hiking and trekking and other sports as they can get better idea about the terrain, altitude and the pathways.

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