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The Science Of Aerial Image Maps And Their Followers

I am one who enjoys looking at maps, especially the new techie aerial image maps. I am not sure if most people would find that strange or funny, but for me, I like to look at them and imagine what living in the place would actually be like, and what sort of natural features the location might have.

About 10 years ago, I actually saw a map that gave an aerial map view of my city, and I realized that seeing a location from this view can reveal a lot more than a traditional map would.

One of the first things I noticed on the aerial map view is all of the parks in my community. It is funny how a lot of us think that parks are few and far between, but I actually saw at 14 parks within about a five-mile radius.

This really helped me out a lot because I like to take my dogs out for a walk, and I get tired of taking them to the same park over and over again. Because of that view, I found a couple of other options that I now routinely use.

Another thing that I saw in the aerial map view is that there are a number of schools in the area that I never even knew existed. With two children, that may come in handy down the line if one of them gets into a school that does not feel like the right fit.

I have always appreciated the topography of cities, as well, and with the aerial map view, I can really see all of the hills, waterways, valleys and so forth, and where they are located in my community. I have always been fascinated by how some of the world's great cities were created around sources of water, and when I look at the aerial map view of my own community, I can see how that philosophy applied here.

A friend of mine enjoys flying as one of his hobbies, and with the aerial map view of my city, I was able to see where certain airports were located and provide him with that information. He was thrilled when I told him about some of the airports in our area, and he asked where he could find an aerial map view of our community so he could see for himself.

Seeing an aerial map view of my community has not only been very interesting, but has also taught me a lot about my neighborhood and what I have around me. I would recommend for everybody who has not done so to look at that their community through an aerial map view. They might be surprised by what they find.

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