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Have you ever utilized Google Maps API and wished you could get Google to put a spotlight on local content you have an interest in - such as your small business? Perhaps you have a vested interest in acquiring a topographic map of California.  If that's a hope you have held out, Google's My Maps should be just the thing for you. Whatever local information you have on a spot on a Google Map, My Maps allows you to share it, and make it a part of Google Maps. Map sites like Wikimapia and Google Maps consistently register at the top 10 of any list of popular websites for people who search for their travel needs. On Google Maps, there are quite a few ways in which searchers can access user generated maps while searching for a place.

To begin with, you get thumbnail photos of the place in question on the left margin when you search for it. And then there are user-created maps listed by name below that. Just imagine - if you run a little store that sells something useful, you could have appreciative customers putting in user generated maps of their own on Google Maps for you. You could have dozens of listing instances rather than the soitary one that would be on a regular Google web search listing. User-submitted links can be found on Placemark pages too. Do user submitted maps on Google Maps really bring in click-throughs for businesses? You'd be surprised at how great the click-through rate can be for user generated maps. Searchers really love to be shown more than told where exactly something is. Placemarks count too in the way searchers will help with your click-through rate.

A user generated map doesn't just have to be about your own business. That wouldn't really be interesting to visitors. If you run a bookshop for instance, creating a map that could help your customers find everything they usually are interested in in the neighborhood - coffee shops and other bookshops for instance - you could really earn a lot of visitors for  your bookshop who will visit your user generated map for all the useful information you provide.

So are My Maps hard to make? Not really. Not even if you're pursuing a topographic map Maine.  Make sure that your map is something useful to your customers. Try every trick possible to find a way to be useful to your potential customers. Put a link to your custom maps on your website, and you'll probably have lots of extra visits to your website. Google allows you to customize the information bubble for every Placemark you create on your map. You can even put links in them. If the links lead back to your website, that could really help. The more useful information you put in there, the more traffic you will generate for your business and for your website. This is the kind of SEO that lots of businesses haven't really begun exploiting yet. You could be one of first.

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